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Hello! My name is Ivy and I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, listening to music and just generally being my lazy self. Things I do not like are when people over-pronounce the letters 't' and 'd' in songs, bugs (seriously, I step outside and it's like the entire cast of bugs life came to visit), when people spell my name without a capital (I AM IMPORTANT!!), doing physical stuff and people acting older than they are just like REALLY(???!!!). I also have another story under the same name over on fanfiction.net, so if you want to check that out, then feel free!


My rules for my stories are:

  1. Good grammar.
  2. Spelt correctly.
  3. Minimum mistakes.
  4. A TOUCH of humour (if not full-blown laughing mania, but I'm not exactly Harry Hill, so get real).
  5. Just a general great story.

My favourite book is THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy, because they are all soooo fantabby that I couldn't choose!

Hope you like my stories! Make sure you review, favourite and follow! PM me if you have any good ideas for my story, as I'm back in school and have Writer's Block quite often!

My favourite WRITER is Kate, cuz she's amazing to the moon, round the stars, out the milky way, down the black hole AND BACK TO 'STRALIA!! *bowing in progress*

wink* byeeeeeeeee

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