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UPDATE June 2015

Hi all! I haven't posted anything here in ages because I decided to do some major edits to this story. The book has been going thought several rounds of editing after getting feedback from various beta readers.

You can find the new version at my website, . After all the editing is done, I'm planning to publish the book at Amazon, Smashwords, and a few other places. Naturally, everyone who started reading here will get a free copy. Just let me know if you'd like one.

Thanks for visiting!

After years of writing fanfiction (under a different pen name), I decided it is time to start spinning my own tales. I created this profile to share my first original novel "Nightfall: Kingdom of Ashes". A first draft of the story is complete and I will post the chapters as I edit them.

Feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated!

Happy reading!

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