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Facts about me:

- I try to be optimistic
- I absolutely LOVE happy endings
- I love sea turtles
- I love puns
- I hate arguing
- I'm a huge bookworm :)
- I'm a band geek and music nerd

Awesome Books I've read:
-faerie wars
- beastly
-breathing underwater
-harry potter
-percy jackson
- half moon investigations
- the wish list
- fault in our stars
-divergent(only because of my sister)
-Mariah Mundi( the 1st book)
-a wrinkle in time

and any other books i cant remember right now

Wattpad : Baconpizzalover8 https:///user/baconpizzalover8

Wish list:

- Write a book and post it here

- Get over a 100 followers

- Get my own character in someone else's book

Feel free to PM me at any time for questions or if you just want to talk. :)

I take suggestions on books to read, but not any non-fiction, poetry, horror, essay, biography, thriller, play, fable, kids or western.

O_O o_o O_o o_O

@_@ :P :D :C :S XD :) :( :O :o

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