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WHAT I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD: Inefficient people. Especially those who force me to repeat myself.

SOMETHING THAT I LOVE EVEN IF I DON'T LOVE IT MORE THAN A LOT OF OTHER THINGS: Reviews! Please, if you enjoy my stories, tell me! Please, if you hate my stories, tell me! I don't care if it's a guest review or not, just tell me what you think!

I'm KaioM.
(That isn't my real name.)
I am of the female gender and currently live in the United States.
I'm a rather dark, jaded, bitter, cynical person, but around people I like, I have my moments. I hold grudges and usually remember the bad things much better than the good. I'm not very good at talking to people. I try, but... Yeah, not good at it. That's why I like writing much more than public speaking.
I have open tastes. I watch a multitude of anime, drama television, and films of all genres. I read pretty much anything, but I'm pretty lazy about finding a good book.
I've been told I'm funny, but I have also been told that I am disgustingly morbid. If a story shows up, be warned that it will probably be a mixture of both.
If you're waiting for an update but instead find that I've posted another story, I'm really sorry about that. Maybe if you reviewed, I'd be inspired to write more... Hmm...
Don't hold your breath on those updates, though.
I am currently both a beta reader, and searching for a beta.

Story Information

Stranger-Supernatural Fiction
I update this a lot more often than my other stories, since it's just easier to update stories written in drabble format. And, for those of you looking at this before my other stories are posted, shush. There's more on the way.

Everything else is a one shot, finished, nonexistent, or I just don't care enough to post anything. Ahem.

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