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Okay, so just so everyone knows, I am a reader. And sorta a writer. But I like different things. I have never been nor do not foresee myself being an Anne Rice fan. But I AM a rabid Carmilla fan. I liked LOTR well enough, but preferred The Hobbit. Shogun, I can do. HP, well enough. Merwolf, like a psychotic schoolgirl.
Lets see. I'm a student. In Arkansas. Gasp. Surprise. Applause. Thank-you-very-much.
But I don't fit in. Anywhere. Like a tumbleweed. Like that song by Whitesnake that I can't think of . You know the one I'm talking about. Ok. Bye.

-With Love (but not really, I mean, I hardly know you, and even then it'd be platonic, because my heart it dead like this -- X_X )
, Ruff Luv

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