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Quote of September 2014:

You're always searching for the think to heal you, and I thought therapy would give me that. But it didn't - it just helps you recognize your demons. -Rick Springfield

Upcoming Stories

The Demon In Us (10/15/14)- Six teens with troubling lives try to find their place in the world. A well-known malevolent force sees this as the perfect opportunity to torture these vulnerable souls. Can the teens gather enough strength to fight this "force", or will their personal demons prohibit them from so? Rated T for language, suggestive content and violence

08-28-2015 Update: Im back on FictionPress, and I have decided to take my writing more seriously. Fanfiction is nice, but I'd like to build my own characters and really experience the whole nine yards. With that being said, The Demon In Us is scrapped and I have two short horror stories on the way. Until then, have a good day!

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