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Hey, my name is Unconsciousness, but if you don't feel like trying to spell that word correctly, then just call me Nessy.

I adore anything sci-fi or dystopian. I love reading (obviously) and writing. I play the clarinet, the piano and I also sing.

Just as a warning; I ship. A LOT. it's one of my many hobbies. Real people and fictional characters. I ship until the ship goes down (which it sometimes never does, but if you watch game of thrones or attack on titan then most likely it will).

I love writing. I love creating worlds and characters. It helps me escape from my world and go into another, where I make the rules and I do what I want. Writing has always interested me, even if it's not always my top priority.

I also have a tumblr which you should definitely go check out. *cough cough* follow me, my blog's not shit *cough cough* XD

Well, that's all for me. If you're reading this and you don't know me, I'd like to know you (PM me and I will definitely reply).

I publish one new chapter every Saturday. Follow to get updates and be sure leave a review if you feel like you have some pointers for me or just wanna show support (which would be extremely appreciated).

Have an awesome life, and peace :3


UPDATE (08/06/2015): Sooooo I just updated a butt ton of my chapters (all of them actually). I edited a lot out, and added a lot in. Think of it as Blink 2.0 ;p Yeah, it should be a lot better all the way from chapter 1. I also just wanna let you guys know that I have up to chapter 19 ready and edited, and let's just say that shit takes a p big turn. ;D I'm really excited for this, just because I've been working really hard on editing what I have so far. (you do not even know how endless this shit seems ...) But yeah, more chapters to come, yaaaaaaay!!! :D

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