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Hello, dear readers! My name is Matthew (which should be obvious given my username), and I'm a 27-year old metalhead from Canada. I love composing music and writing stories. I’ve been writing original fiction for almost as long as I’ve been reading, and this account is here to show you some of my original work. I plan to post some of my earliest works I’ve written as a kid, as well as memorable experiences from my life, but after that, I probably won’t be publishing any more stories on here for a while. FanFiction dot net is where I am 99% of the time, so please stop by if you want to see my most recent work. (I use the same username over there.) :D


The Girl I Never Got to Know (Oneshot, Complete)

The Stone of Sinful Secrets (Abandoned)

The Revenge of the Ultimate Toughie-Robots (Completed when I was a kid)

The Thunderstorm at School (Completed when I was a kid)

Matthew and the Aliens (Oneshot, completed when I was a kid)

A Futuristic High School Adventure (Oneshot, completed when I was in high school)

When I Wish Upon a Star (Real-life journal entries, completed when I was a kid)

Leaving the Lion's Den - Graduating High School (Real-life journal entries, completed the day after graduating from high school)

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