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My name (or pen name that is) is YumehaMinakami, I'm an amateur novelist and graphics artist.

I grew up in a place where I'm the only one who was really into literature, most of my family members are either electricians of mechanics which, of course, I did not have a talent in. As if I'm not the odd one out already with that, I am also the only one who has interest in drawing and the visual arts.

Recently I've delved myself into digital art. Drawing straight into a computer screen is rather new to me so I'm still having quite a bit of childish difficulties in that area. Nonetheless I still plan on making myself better at that.

An avid anime and manga fan, I also became a huge fan of light novels after I read wonderful series like To Aru Majutsu no Index and My teen comedy life SNAFU. They were great for quick and easy to read novels. For classical ones my favorites are The Count of Monte Cristo and War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy (have you read this? It's long but awesome) other than that I can't really remember anything else that isn't about anime haha!

Maybe I'll upload all my illustrations for my novels in DeviantArt or maybe Photobucket when I have the time.

Thank you so much and I hope we all have a good time.

-Author and Illustrator of:

The Lady Voltigeur - Volume 1: The Fated Meeting

The Lady Voltigeur - Volume 2: Princess of Silesia

For those who want a good read but can't pick one let me suggest some for you

Divinity: by Hug-Chan
-you want super-powered people with a feisty MC? Try this.
The characters are gradually getting well developed and has great bits of comedy too.

Home Make Kazoku!: by Houki Minami
- just want to read something adorable and cute after a long day's hard work to loosen up?
Then the couple in this story will make you go "Hau! Omochikaeri!"

Akatsuki: by SoulsandSwords
-Tobi is a mysterious and awesome guy, Sadami is a great companion and friend
but most of all there is Chikako!

Update: 10/4/2014

Having enough material back from my BetaReader, BabyPopMassacre (a lot of thanks for the lessons and effort), I will now be able to update the first volume of my novel once or twice every week (most likely twice, every day off that I have) . Thank you so much for those that have read and enjoyed the novel, thank you so much.

Update: 10/11/2014

Thank you for those who have read and reviewed on my novel. I take writing these series of novels on mine very seriously and I thank those who have reviewed them. And to those who are interested to read it please do and I will appreciate it more if you leave an honest review, I want to know what weaknesses and faults I have so I could improve and develop better as a writer and an author.

I do the same with my reviews as I tend to give minimal sugarcoating on them but that's just my way to help and learn with my fellow writers. Also, I tend to look more into the story and plot rather than grammar and technicalities (as long as its not painful to read, else I will still try to help out to the best of my abilities). So until the next time, thank you all very much!

Update: 12/1/2014

The first volume of The Lady Voltigeur is complete! Volume two is coming out maybe next week or the next! Anyways thank you so much for those who read it through!

Update: 11/16/2016

I think that I will compile all my stories of TLV into one book. Hmmmm?

Author's Note: Everything about my stories, it's characters, illustrations and others are all owned by me. Everything that happened in it and similarities in names, dates and events (aside from the historical truth) are all coincidences.

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