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March 17th 2017

I was very young when I started to grasp a few fundamentals of writing. And to use what I'd learned when trying to describe events from my life, or for those closest to me. But it was from spiritually based poetry and song, that I first found a deeper meaning in things. I look back now on my amateurish attempts as little snapshots of my own introspection and growth. Over the last few years it's been my pleasure to have shared some of my writing. I do hope that maybe a few of my words or the things I've seen, perhaps revealed something of value for people with similar experiences. especially when it comes to finding meaning in events that can often appear chaotic in our lives. I mostly enjoy the dialog that comes from shared conversation, for which I'm sure is better then any of my literary efforts. If I've helped anyone, it's was most likely do to merely listing to how they felt in our talks or through our correspondents. I'm a quintessential seamen, with a deep love and connection to my life on the water, and more then occasionally this will come through in my offerings. Because we are but the sum of our experience, and that can't help but be mirrored in our opinion. I'll always believe that it's the way we move forward from our set backs that will define our successes. And that sadly not doing this can tragically become the epitaph of ones resignation to fate. So I choose to press onward, encouraged by others writing here, and inspired by their kind friendships and thoughts I've grown to cherish. I will always welcome anyone's thoughts, and I'd reflect on any feedback with regard to my postings always with as quick and congenial a response as I can. May the wind ever be at your back, and your course ahead hold steady.

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