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Hello and welcome to the story stockpile of author Brenna Singman. Brenna hosts a daily Virtual Write In Saturday and Sunday at 1pm Eastern Time on . Stories in the stockpile include new works as well as stories from her early writing days. Join us for the Write In and celebrate your victories big and small!

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Short Fiction:

Spirit Rise - Young Puck, new spirit of the forest, thinks a great prank will protect her people, but her plans leave chilling results. (December 2018 short story at the Virtual Write In)

Humane Growth Technological Victory - Martha gets disconnected from the Network and needs an outsider's help to get back. (September 2018 short story at the Virtual Write In)

Beneath the Clouds of Venus - Ward investigates dangerous activity at a VennGlobal terraforming plant as his world faces the brink. (August 2018 short story at the Virtual Write In)

The Holiday Spirits and the Cold Reception - Santa has gone missing and it's up to the Holiday Spirits to save Christmas! (Secret Santa story for JayelDraco 2017)

Flash Fictions:


[COMING JANUARY 31] Like Father Like Son - Rupert can't stay a captive for long or he'll never see his father again. (Written for DougsWorld on Twitch December 2020)

Wanderlust - The past collides with the present as Zed, a wealthy CEO, receives a troubling message. (Written for Niyr on Twitch November 2020)

Brass Bounty - Three bounty hunters with a simple job learn that not all is what it seems. (Written for Duskrunner on Twitch October 2020)

Master of the Isles - Captain Swift will see his mission through to the end, even if that end is to face the deadliest pirate to sail the ocean. (Written for thechodfather on Twitch June 2020)

Machinations - Eli receives a message directly from the gods, but is he wise enough to heed it? (May 2020)

Her Day - Sabrina prepares to say "I do", but an enemy isn't ready to hold their peace. (April 2020)

Facade - Abigail knows her way around the club scene, but she stumbles into fate on the most exciting night of her young life. (March 2020)

Wingslayer - Feyr faces off against the last of the dragons to fulfill his sole purpose. (Written for Fic-mas 2019, February 2020)

Red and Blue - After a car accident, Archie follows a trail to unexpected help. (Written for Inktober 2019 "Tread" January 2020)


Strange Lands -Narrowly avoiding death, Alexander quickly assesses his situation after a heist gone wrong. (Written for Inktober 2019 "Misfit" December 2019)

The Apprentice - A wizard prodigy's talent is only matched by his blind faith as he performs the final ritual to join the Masters. (Written for Inktober 2019 "Ancient" December 2019)

See You Then - Bernadette awaits a single text message that will change two lives for eternity. (Written for Inktober 2019 "Blind" November 2019)

The Lost Daughter - Angelica only wants to be embraced by her family and their deity, but she finds more than she expected in the Temple. (Inspired by Mooncloud5733's short story contest prompt September 2019)

The Dive - Joshua can't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to become the man he needs to be. (September 2019)

Blue Summer - Michael encounters the worst as he babysits his grandson. (Inspired by Mooncloud5733's short story contest prompt July 2019)

Creating Miracles - A mad scientist and a wizard join forces in a hidden laboratory. (Giveaway for VesperDreams August 2019)

So Long, Diver - A deep sea traveler may not be prepared for new depths and new sights. (A sendoff for JasmoColors August 2019)

Disease is No Laughing Matter - Stuart is a master jokester, but in a world devastated by a laughing plague, the joke is on him. (Giveaway for Strudel_aks July 2019)

A Pinch of Happiness - A prison inmate has one last obstacle before he can build his life up again. (Giveaway for AlexBadila July 2019)

For Love and Country - Jordan wants to celebrate Alliance Day, but he faces a loud opposition. (Giveaway for StrangeLace June 2019)

Unburied Treasure - A young woman searches for greatness on her next pirate heist. (Tier goal giveaway for valeries February 2019)

Seeking Queen - King Lau will stop at nothing to retrieve his gem. (Tip goal giveaway for chodfather January 2019)


What's Behind Me - Man's best friend discovers an old book with a timeless story. (Sub goal giveaway for Cinder 2018)

High Water - A school girl gets the chance of a lifetime to heal the world's broken heart. (Sub goal giveaway for wyrdewyn 2018)

Final Records - Two scientists contemplate the end and what comes next. (Sub goal giveaway for BrokenMonitor 2018)

Valentine's Night - Cupid's aim couldn't have been farther off. (Sub goal giveaway for European 2018)

A.Z.U.R.E. - Azure wakes up ready to play, but her best friend is missing. (Giveaway for will_of_D 2018)

Blood, Sweat, and Steel - Cerberus, a slave to some and a monster to all, seizes an opportunity to escape his bonds. (Giveaway for TheChodFather 2018)


Keep Going - Roderick must find the will to survive his strange captors. (Giveaway for OfficialMotive 2017)

The Peacekeepers - Two little bunnies leave the safety of their village after a huge tragedy. (Giveaway for ThePineLord 2017)

To Have and to Hold - Desdemona has suffered long enough wearing someone else's heart on her sleeve. (9/2017)

Hunter and Hunted - Hunter isn't afraid of the dark. He's afraid of his thoughts in the dark. (8/2017 prompt from OfficerGenious)

Dawn of the Elementalist - Kauzis, a 74 year old man, faces the last test as he reclaims his life and starts a new field of study. (8/2017 prompt from FictionMyDiction)

Family Duties - At the end of the world, a girl finds hope for survival. (7/2017)

Of Age - Peter has a particularly overwhelming experience hitting puberty. (7/2017)

Old Fiction:

Have Your Cake - In her bakery, Amelia confronts a brief but tumultuous point in her past. Once the world stood beside her in her hour of need. Now she fears she will only see its back. (2015)

An Angel's Prayer - Certain things can't be ignored after a young woman's untimely death. (Written for the Review Game's August 2010 Writing Challenge Contest.) (2010)

Pied Piper - A string of gruesome child murders strike the city and Samuel would do anything to save his son. But what is he really saving him from? (Written for the Review Game's January 2010 Writing Challenge Contest.) (2010)

609 - Joe Perkins, a hopeless pizza delivery man in Esperanza City, is sent to an apartment building as a prank, but leaving is harder than he anticipates. (2009)

Superhero Guild - What does it take to be a hero? (Written for the Review Game's September 2009 Writing Challenge Contest.) (2009)

Desire - To keep her husband's love, Dana will do whatever it takes, even if it means losing herself in the process. (Written for the Review Game's June 2009 Writing Challenge Contest.) (2009)

Stuck - Freddy and Rachel plan to have a perfect day no matter what, but as with the other best laid plans of mice and men, it is bound to go astray. (Written for the Review Game's January 2009 Writing Challenge Contest.) (2009)

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