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Ohaiyo, Ni Hao. I don't speak Japanese, but I do know a little chinese. (Thanks a lot, Chinese compositions)

I'm a self proclaimed lurker on this site. If you have reason to suspect that a Ckh is lurking near you, you're probably right. Maybe I'm finally getting around to finishing all the FP stories I started. I'll never publicly acknowledge my targets - though I do welcome PMs. If you are inactive author X, please call me out. I'm very bored.

I like to think that I'm an interesting guy, but I'm probably not. My content is probably the most interesting part about me, for better and worse. I ramble a bit about myself here: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3310985/13/Day. Be warned, its a bit of an unstructured mess. I typically don't return reviews on Day, though I might feel obliged to do so...someday. Reviewing copyrights/my poems might net you a faster response. I'm up for a review trade if you pm me.*

I might churn out the occasional yearly poem, but that's my limit really. Writing intentionally is not my strong suit. Before I was 14, I simply relied on my "good sentences" book to write my school assignments. I never wrote for fun, I read less than 30ish books - all that is here is a result of improvisation, plain and simple. I spontaneously wanted to write a story to entertain my friends in 2014, and well, here I am now, posting the yearly poem.

I can't write an enthralling story to completion even if my life depended on it. (This is an exaggeration. I will goddamn write you a complete story if you point so much as a teddy bear at me. That too is an exaggeration) I doubt every sentence I write, always thinking about how generic the next sentence will be. The backspace button is my best friend. (Again, exaggeration, but I'll have you know that the backspace button has already been pressed)

'Twas was a dark and stormy night. And I'm already lost. I stop at the fifth paragraph or so and there goes that. Thank god poems aren't long. And if you're expecting me to babble on, well no. I'm done.

This profile is already finished. I gave it up. I let it down. I ran around and deserted it. Link to the reviewing Crusade here: https://www.fictionpress.com/forum/The-Reviewing-Crusade/16267/

I also have a discord server. Feel free to pm me for the link.

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