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I use moments/events/experiences of my past as my muse for trendy stories. For instance, most everyone is into supernatural beings such as werewolves, vampires, zombies...I choose to love the werewolves/wolfbloods because they are so cuddly...all that fur to bury my nose into...yea I am a dog person, so wolves are easy for me to fall in love with. I relate vampires to cats. Zombies relate to goats because they will eat anything..lol.

I love to write stories that include parts of the past because the world has so many interesting things that happened, like those things women had to wear before underpants were discovered. There was no option, you had to were pantellets, which did not cover the female genital area. Can you imagine walking around like that? The excuse is because due to the ribs in the corsets, women could not bend over to lift their skirt enough and get to the undies and pull them down. I am so glad I was not born in that era...skirts and corsets made with wiring...I cringe. Little details/facts like the pantellets get lost and forgotten and it bugs me because our generation takes EVERYTHING for granted.

I have stories here and on the FanFiction website under my pen name Annabelle Nicole Campbell.

I realize I have a lot of stories going at one time and they are not updated regularly, it is because I get writers block and find my muse giving me a new story instead of an idea for one of the ones I already have... I really need to have a talk with that muse of mine...lol.

Thank you for visiting my profile.

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