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kiwanomelon PM
Joined Oct '14, Australia

I write.

Help Wanted:
A minion-in-crime, not a partner, mind you, who is capable of reading and editing the works of a Writer with questionable skill. Must be able to put up with the Writer's odd comings and goings of the internet, and the most unusual of queries at odd hours of the day.
Must have the patience of a saint.
Apply within.

(In other words, I'm looking for a sort-of-beta reader who is prepared to face the fact that I am unreliable at updates and new chapters and has the patience to deal with this. Please PM if interested.)


To the tune of 'The Sound of Music':

Look at all this work
I haven't done yet,
And yet here I am
Writing my stories.

(Also, still looking for a sort-of-beta reader.)


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